At blue2green, we acquire existing, small- and medium-scale hydroelectric dams on behalf of our clients. Those dams, and the electricity they generate, represent a secure source of long-term, annuity income. They also provide numerous tax benefits, as well as additional monthly income from the sale of clean energy through our CleanWatt™ electricity aggregation program.

blue2green offers restoration and equipment-upgrade services as well. And we can even maintain a hydroelectric facility on behalf of a client who lives elsewhere.

And, finally, for those seeking to buy electricity: no other source is cleaner or less expensive than hydropower. That's the basis of our CleanWatt™ aggregation program, and the focus of our on-staff energy aggregator. He'll "pool" hydro-generated electricity to provide you with an extremely competitive rate. It's a great way to improve your organization’s standing within the community while, at the same time, saving you money.

Investment. Facility management. Energy aggregation. Let blue2green put hydropower to work for you.

At blue2green, we are "the power of water."